©2019 by Omari Soulfinger.

       BEST MISTAKES (2015, Groundswell Space, Brooklyn NY) is an autobiographical one-man show by Omari Soulfinger, featuring storytelling and multimedia performance art vignettes. The concept is inspired by the 12-step program: a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems. For the 5th step, one is tasked with admitting to a higher power, to  themselves, and to another human being the exact nature of their wrongs. BEST MISTAKES, reimagines this, as the artist confesses through multiple comedic forms of performance. The audience includes people from the artist's past who were previously harmed/offended, creating an atmosphere of immersive theater for the neutral audience member. BEST MISTAKES emphasizes the awkward risk and potential for healing, that occurs when one takes responsibility for their behavior and their pain.

00:00-Retrospective Video/Audience Warm Up


14:28-"Masturbation" (Storytelling)


28:33-"Lying" (Poetry/Drumming)


37:33-"Addiction" (Audio/Video/Mime)


44:10- "Bad Break-Ups" (Storytelling/Physical Theater)


53:14- Conclusion (Audio Video/Dance)