Excerpt From "What The... You Mean?"Omari Soulfinger
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IN REAL LIFE is a sound collage and live performance, The piece satirically explores the absurdity and oppressive nature of social norms by blending live silent comedy and clowning with recordings of phone conversations and street interviews from over 30 diverse voices. The performance IN REAL LIFE is an immersive experience, where the audience is invited to tune into the cacophony coming from the artist’s surreal boombox. Through sound associative vignettes, Soulfinger conducts poetic practical jokes on audience members, interacts with pre-recorded narration/voiceover and physically reimagines music. The seemingly non-linear narrative is driven by the turning of the radio dial, scanning the noisy frequencies of interpersonal dynamics in a context of inequities featuring vulnerable confessions, unpopular opinions, faux-pas, microaggressions, and the paradoxes of privilege.


©2019 by Omari Soulfinger.