Omari Soulfinger (b. 1986 in Brooklyn, NY) is a performing artist and facilitator dedicated to creative advocacy and collective healing.  Since 2001, Omari has worked with and for oppressed communities in various capacities. Omari has a Masters in Social Work and currently serves as Director of Advocacy with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC. Additionally, he facilitates and designs various workshops for Brooklyn Movement Center,  Clown Gym, Ramapo For Children, Mankind Project, and All Kings. Omari utilizes various disciplines of comedic theater, to inspire engagement and action.


Artist Statement


          "I have a story, that we all perform and play an assigned role in order to keep our place in status-quo society.  Comedy happens when a strained expectation (like those roles) transforms.  I believe that just beyond vulnerability and  “cringe” moments, is joy and freedom to be something imagined. 

         I offer an invitation to co-create an experience. My social work background is vital in creating the trust and capacity for this. The practice of relationship building is how a container for "risk" and "play" is created. In that container,  we seek to re-imagine  presumptions about what is just and possible.”