"THE PIGEON” is a symbolic character created by Omari Soulfinger representing communal ownership of the city, and the thriving presence of marginalized groups in urban settings. Starting in 2014, The Pigeon  began to advocate for an alternative to the pay-to-play model of youth sports in America. In 2015, Major League Soccer’s New York City Football Club became aware of The Pigeon’s efforts and began to support their initiatives. In 2016, The Pigeon was selected as a Major League Soccer Community MVP, and became widely considered the mascot of the N.Y.C.F.C. team. Since then, The Pigeon has founded Bed Stuy Athletic Club (a co-ed after school and late night soccer program), hosted free neighborhood block parties, tournaments, and developed a mobile app for organizing games.  "THE PIGEON" speaks to soccer (football) being a global universal language that catalyzes social change. 

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